Verilog HDL Simulator Veritak


Veritak is made available as shareware. You can use it, with all features enabled, for a single two-week trial period. After two weeks, to continue using Veritak you will need to purchase a product license. When a license is purchased, you automatically become a registered user and will receive these valuable benefits:

Also, we welcome product suggestions and requests for new features. Your suggestions will help make Veritak a better and more powerful tool. This is one of the reasons that Veritak is "shareware".

                                  Prices are subject to change.

Veritak Licensing Considerations: Licenses and Users


Our license policy is that each user needs a separate license. A license is basically a unique registration key. Since a registration key is issued to a person, only one registration key is necessary even if he or she uses multiple PC's. However if more than one person uses a given PC, each PC Veritak user must have their own unique license (meaning their own unique registration key).

To Buy Veritak Now

To purchase Veritak, click the "Buy Now" button, in the table below, corresponding to the number of licenses you wish to purchase. You should then see the Paypal secure payment page. Paypal is the credit card processing company we have chosen to utilize.

Paypal accepts major credit cards and funds from personal checking/savings accounts.

Note that the Paypal web site is a secure site. You can identify a secure site by the small picture of a lock at the bottom of the browser window towards the right side. Also, the URL of a secure site starts with "https:" instead of the usual "http:". All information sent to a secure site is encrypted by your browser, so nobody can intercept it and see your credit card information. Only Paypal knows your credit card number this way, and they never email or disclose your credit card information to us or anyone else. This is much more secure than giving your credit card to each individual merchant.


E-mail may be lost in internet transit. When you have not received important reply from us within one business day, please send again.


Within one business day of your processed Paypal purchase, we will send your registration key(s) by e-mail.
License Description  Unit Price Total Price
Basic Free UpGrade 1year. US$50 US$50
Basic 40Units for class Free UpGrade to next generation US$50 US$2000
Pro-VM Free UpGrade 3years. New user who wishes to use Veritak both on Virtual Environment(VMware/Virtual PC)and Native Windows. US$270 US$270
Pro-Vm 30 Units for class Free UpGrade 3years. New user who wishes to use Veritak both on Virtual Environment(VMware/Virtual PC)and Native Windows. US$100 U$3000
Pro-VM Option For Licensed user only, who wishes to use Veritak on Virtual Environment(VMware/Virtual PC). US$200 US$200

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