Verilog HDL Simulator Veritak

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Open Sources

System Conditions

Recommended System requirement
Version Release Release
3.84F Jun.28.2011 GUI
  • Add additional error message.
3.84E Jun.12.2011 Compiler
  • Add command line option
3.80F Jul.29.2010 Compiler
  • Fixed particular address write failure.
3.80E Jul.19.2010 Compiler
  • Fixed task parameter problem
  • Improved Internal Error

3.80A May.28.2010 GUI
  • Improved text output performance
  • Improved error msg for concat operation
  • Internal update for sv version..
3.79E May.10.2010 GUI
  • Inhibit adding waveforms in running simulation

  • Support binary operator ~^ ^ in const function
  • Fixed multi-array bug in vpi operation
3.79B Apr.06.2010 GUI
  • Add signed scale check box.
  • Fixed crash due to empty generate statement
  • Improved error msg for invalid signal
  • Support +:-: for generate statement
  • Fixed inline function width generate statement
  • Fixed module parameter override with inline function
  • Fixed module parameter range override
  • Fixed inline nested function call
  • Fixed real to integer bug
  • Fixed case constant 0/1 expression bug
  • Fixed deassign bug.

3.77E Mar.10.2010 GUI/Compiler
  • Add file extension option for library files.
3.77D Mar.9.2010 GUI
  • Fixed 3.77C bug regarding analog waveform property.
3.77C Mar.8.2010 GUI
  • Improved Analog waveform operability
3.77B Mar.7.2010 Compiler
  • Fixed bug of Altera 9.1 Cyclone3/Stratix3 SDF back annotation bug
  • Fixed bugs on 3.76A.
3.76A Mar.2.2010 Compiler
  • Support udp under generate statement
  • Fix signed comparison in net.
  • Analog automatic scale mode applied by default
  • Improved missing bottom waveform
  • Add Scope Tree View to Ctrl-Tab toggle mode
  • Add Sort by Declaration Order in scope tree view.
  • Add "VF" file in file dialog.

3.75A Jan.102010 Compiler

  • Fixed bug implicit wire sensing problem..
  • Fixed bug for signed operation in concatination
  • Improved error message for invalid hierarchy name.

  • Menu Cascade->Stack
  • Improved analog color handling
  • Update
3.73D Sep.4.2009 GUI
  • Add Menu of Cascade Waveforms
  • Relaxed constraint of window displacement.
3.73C Sep.1.2009 GUI
  • Addressed to Dual Monitor (Fixed initial placement of window)
  • Fixed initial placement problem in waveform manager.
  • Updated installer
3.73A Aug.8.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed a bug of signed memory operation in procedural expression.
3.72A Aug.5.2009 GUI
  • Add Clipboard Copy( as $dumpvars..)
  • Add BitReverse Menu
  • Add Altera Library path search.
3.71C Jul.7.2009 GUI
  • Addressed to Grouping in Grouping Signal
  • Bug fix for VCD-shift/scaling
  • Improved Group signal display
3.71A Jul.5.2009 GUI
  • Addressed to large VCD files(STACK 40MB)
  • Enabled ModelSim's generated VCD-VCD comparison
3.69C Jun.29.2009 GUI
  • Enable VCD project with comparing VCD waveforms
  • Fixed Save Error with VCD project
  • Add addtional menu adding signals for comparing waveforms.
3.69B Jun.26.2009 GUI
  • Fixed Save Error with VCD project
  • Add Xilinx Library dialog
  • Change part-select grouping.

3.68B Jun.24.2009 Compiler
  • Addressed $recrem negative delayed reference
3.68A Jun.23.2009 GUI
  • Add more MyColor.
  • Add waveform comparison
  • Add force_textout_transparent option
3.67A Jun.20.2009 GUI
  • Fixed save error
  • Add new sort option
  • Add vcd scale option
3.66A Jun.19.2009 GUI
  • Add right aligned format with scope name on WaveformViewer
  • Add VCD timeshift option on WaveformViewer.
  • Improved timeunit display on WaveformViewer
  • Add registory erase option for WaveformViewer
  • Arranged right click menu on WaveformViewer
  • Improved wildcard search.@

  • Improved some of Error Msg@
3.65A May.31.2009 GUI
  • Swapped Waveform Viewer's button image.
3.64A May.30.2009 GUI
  • Improved short duration pluse display

  • Fixed a crash of long sensibity of wire statement
3.62A May.2.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed 0 gate delay bug.
  • Improved 0pad for $display
3.61A Apr.29.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed $setuphold bug.
  • Improved Error handling for defparam
  • Improved Error handling for invalid instance
3.60B Apr.24.2009 GUI
  • Improved Help Dialog display in large font environment
  • Add error Check for 2001 LRM 10.3.4

3.60A Apr.19.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed $setuphold bug.
3.59C Apr.17.2009 GUI
  • Add some Error Msg.

  • Fixed $readmemh/b problem.
3.59B Apr.11.2009 GUI
  • Fixed bug for save project on menu (3.59A )
3.59A Apr.7.2009 GUI
  • Delete unnecessary *.vtakdisk.
  • Add Pro-VM license option (for VMware)
3.57A Mar.31.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed crash on null assignment in generate loop
  • Fixed bug of signed wire array.
3.56A Mar.30.2009 Compiler/GUI
  • Fixed bug of memory display in very large design on waveform view
  • Fixed older/older log file problem
  • Fixed crash on empty generate statement.
3.55B Mar.29.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed bug of memory display in trace mode.
Npp++ Plugin 1.04 Mar.29.2009
  • Addressed to NPP5.3.
3.55A Mar.27.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed bug of memory display in large design on waveform view
3.54H Mar.21.2009 Compiler/GUI
  • Update some diagnotics
3.54G Mar.11.2009 Compiler
  • Add severe warning for inline parameter overload
3.54F Mar.8.2009 Compiler
  • Issue Error for duplicate inlined named parameter
  • Improvement for memory address display range..

Npp++ Plugin 1.03 Jan.25.2008
  • Unicode Addressed Version
3.54E Jan.24.2009 GUI
  • Fixed Float display in VCD
  • Improved Float display
3.54D Jan.12.2009 Compiler
  • Faster Compilation in reduction phase
  • Improvement of Generate Handling.
  • Apply suppress R.T. warning to "beyond index error".

  • Remove compiler optimization 2.
  • Change default setting of save/restore.
3.54B Jan.3.2009 Compiler
  • Fixed crash on diplaying error message in sdf annotation
3.54A Jan.1.2009 Compiler
  • Add error check for invaild order range declaration
  • Support net real delay
  • Support net real arithmetic operation
  • Bug Fix of bit extension for signed ternary
  • Bug Fix of signed ternary
  • Bug Fix of bit extension for signed comparison
3.53C Dec.17.2008 Support Vista64.

  • Fix random seed seq.
  • Compiled with Large Address
  • Compiled with Large Address
  • Improvement for Grid line Color

3.53B Dec.4.2008 GUI
  • Improvement of Decument view's resizing
  • Improvement of "Wild search Dialog"
  • Bug Fix of grid scale
  • Add bit/part select of grouping
3.53A Nov.26.2008 GUI
  • Improvement of "Wild search"
  • Minor improvement of waveform manager
  • Save maker enable mode in project
  • Save magnify mode in project
  • Improvement of disable range option
3.52C Nov.15.2008 Compiler
  • Fix "can not do step operation in large design" (3.48A-)
3.52B Nov.15.2008 Compiler
  • Fix always @* in large circuit
  • Improve parsing in specify section
3.52A Nov.13.2008 Compiler
  • Fix always @* with task call
  • Support specparam in specify section (Parse Only)
3.51C Nov.12.2008 GUI
  • Add SHIFT + Right for zooming out center portion of waveformview.

  • Add support for specparam for out of specify section.
3.51A Oct.23.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed real valus's display for 64bit integer in system task
  • Add support for $finish(0/1)
  • Support parse for specparam( just ignored)
  • Handle only one module for duplicate top module with warnings
  • Add drag& dtop style zoom
  • Add Center mode in zoom mode
  • Correct caption for zoom mode
  • Improved parsing for console jump function
3.50B Oct.5.2008 Compiler
  • Fix `define TIMESCALE `timescale ..
  • Add additional information for some error messages
3.50A Sep.2.2008 Compiler
  • Add lineno for EC2619 Error.
  • Add Radix Octal for WaveformViewer
  • Improved memory usage

3.49G Sep.1.2008 Compiler
  • Add lineno on truncated constant.
  • Fixed crash on new project dialog.
  • Addressed to file name on space include at opening.editor
3.49D Aug.27.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed Crash on library compilation in parse
  • Fixed %d display with suffix
  • Fixed dangling character in editor tool-tip
3.49C Aug.20.208 Compiler
  • Fixed Compile Error for Xilinx Async Fifo library
  • Minor Improvements for compile message
  • Enhanced display buffer

3.49B Aug.6.2008
  • Fixed crash on enabled option of memory value displayed
NppVeritakPluigin102.dll Aug.4.2008
  • Addresses to Notepad++5.03
3.49A Aug.4.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed bug of unsized constant operation
  • Fixed crash on $feof

3.48A Jul.26.2008 GUI
  • Delete internal signals in scope tree view
  • Minor Improvement of left pain of Waveform View
  • Add "Force List Ctrl Text" otpion in Color setting Dialog
  • Longer stay time of Tool tip in list of waveform view
3.47B Jul.17.2008 Compiler
  • Fix udp init bug
3.47A Jul.8.2008 Compiler
  • Fix == / != issue with zx handling
  • Fix ~ expression width
  • Fix binary operator with zx handling
  • Break 32KB command-line restriction using veritak_src_files.txt
  • Clear registory by unstallation
3.46C Jul.2.2008 Compiler
  • Fix 3.44A- issue ( memory word string display(EC=854))
3.46B Jul.1.2008 Compiler
  • 3.46A- improvement of compilation time on regression mode
3.46A Jul.1.2008 Compiler
  • Fix always @(*) bug.
  • Fix bug of signed div operation on Fast Mode
  • Fix Run-Length bug
  • Change time display in console
  • Add overall waveform view search in wildcard search dialog
  • Add Key short-cuts in waveform view

3.45C Jun.14.2008 GUI
  • Improvement of selecting items on list view (prevent multi-selecting items in operating waveform view)

  • Add several Error Messages regarding Verilog2001 LRM 10.3.4
3.45B Jun.12.2008 GUI
  • Minor Improvement of Clip board COPY with Shift +Left Click on T1
3.45A Jun.12.2008 GUI
  • Add Node-Locked License Dialog
  • Add Clip-board Copy with Shift+ Left Click on T1 cursor
  • Minor Improvement for printer dialog
  • Add Lint rule out option for library files

3.44C Jun.6.2008 Compiler
  • Fix bug of Fast Mode on wrong propagation
  • Minor Improvement of warning of timescale

3.44B Jun.5.2008 GUI
  • Improvement of VCD Scope View
  • Fix crash of vcd project on certain operation
3.44A Jun.5.2008 Compiler
  • Fix $random seed problem
  • Apply memory with arguments for VPI argument
  • Fix bit of memory propagation

  • Fix "&" character missing in waveform View
3.43M May.16.2008 vpi.dll
  • Add $value$plusargs extention "%x"
3.43L Apr.25.2008 linsysvpi.dll
  • Updated Contribution (Faster)
3.43K Apr.23.2008
  • Fix always @* sense in named block
3.43J Apr.21.2008 3.41I
  • Fix wrong package installation
3.43I Apr.20.2008 linsysvpi.dll
  • Fixed timescale issue.
3.43H Apr.16.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed crash in constant function for invalid parameter
  • Add quiet compile mode option ( "--q " ) in command line (See release_note.txt in Command folder)
3.43G Apr.10.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed $sscanf problem
  • Improved ending waveform
  • Improved time display

3.43F Mar.21.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed negative delayed scheduling.
3.43E Mar.20.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed bug logical OR with constant folding on Fast mode
  • Config. Dialog improvement.

3.43D Mar.13.2008 Compiler
  • Fixed memory leak bug( 3.41J-)

3.43C Mar.12.2008 GUI
  • Fixed comma bug.
3.43B Mar.11.2008 GUI
  • Add comma on timescale in waveformview.
3.43A Mar.1.2008 GUI
  • Fixed crash when enum parameter defined and removed.
  • Add Notepad++ Plugin Interface
3.42A Jan.23.2008 Compiler
  • Add duplicated declaration check for net and parameter
  • Add "sync waveforms" in project settings

3.41K Jan.20.2008 Compiler
  • Fix "contains infinate loops" Error
  • Skip "`uselib"
3.41J Dec.19.2007 Compiler
  • Fix a bug defparam under generate statement
3.41I Dec.6.2007 Compiler
  • Fix part select /bit select in constant function
  • Fix case evaluation in string
  • Preprocessor timeout 29sec->60sec
  • Preprocessor domain 50MB->100MB

3.41F Nov.20.2007 Compiler
  • Fix EC796 Error
  • Support for 3dimensional wire array on tree view
  • Bug fix Lint for genvar bit width
  • Change menu display for "Clear all check boxes for lower.."
3.41E Oct.30.2007 GUI
  • Add a menu of "Clear all check boxes for lower levels of hierarchy"
    and a "Set all Lower Level Hierarchy Check Boxes" in scope tree view.
  • Minor improvement for 64bit float display
3.41D Oct.25.2007 GUI
  • Fixed Font issue on Document View.
3.41C Oct.24.2007 Compiler
  • Fixed EC1569 Internal Error
3.41B Oct.23.2007 GUI
  • Add linsys.dll
  • Add 64bit vector to floating radix

3.40A Oct.16.2007 Compiler
  • Fixed signed shift problem.

  • Updated
3.39E Sep.6.2007 Compiler
  • Fixed genvar problem with the same identifier variable

  • Improvement " click in cosole" function with waveformview manager.
3.39D Aug.30.2007 GUI
  • Improvement " click in cosole" function
  • Change parameter evaluation sequence in function

3.39C Aug.29.2007 GUI
  • Change the GUI spec "set cursor from GUI"
  • Add an option for $rungekutta.

3.39B Aug.24.2007 Compiler
  • Fixed bug in some constant function
3.39A Aug.22.2007 Compiler
  • Fixed iodelay.v in unisim library

  • Minor improvment of line color
  • Add user suggested function for "cursor-$display synchronization"
3.38H Aug.11.2007 Compiler
  • Fix bug parameter real->integer conversion
  • Fix bug parameter div operation with real and integer
  • Issue error when duplicated Verilog2001 port declaration is detected
  • Accept Null port in module array
  • Accept duplicate Scope declaration in generate
  • Accept Null statement in generate (2001 LRM Extension)
  • Fix crash for invalid net concat.
  • Fix " define from command line
  • Add sdf support for Actel
  • Improvement of breakpoint

3.38G Aug.4.2007 GUI
  • Fix slow down issue when no saved with waveformview
  • Improvement for $conv_hex2_veri.
  • Open Veripad by pressing Edit button for -Define/+plus args
Simulation Engine
  • .Enable suppress R.T. warning for SDF timing checks.
3.38F Jul.29.2007 Compiler
  • Fix parser bug (ISE 9.2 compile error)
  • Add support for MIF File(Memory Initialization File)
  • Improve duplicate opening issue (veripad)
  • Add new function (Edit "veritak_src_files.txt")
  • Add short cut menu on Veripad (Save->Import "veritak_src_files.txt" ->Reload project->Run( Ctrl-T)

3.38E Jul.16.2007 GUI
  • Improvement of multiple Waveform View
3.37A Jul.7.2007 Compiler
  • Fixed a bug (In always @*, memory output would not become x when address is x..)
  • Minor improvement for waveformview manager

3.36E May.30.3007 Compiler
  • Fix a bug on Waveform View on selective save option
  • Improve warning message when different number of pins between instantiating and instantiated module is detected
  • .Fix crash when small size of vcd is loaded on use disk option

3.36D May.24.2007 GUI
  • Minor improvement of waveform view's comment
  • Fixed a bug compiler crashes when LHS assignment width has lesser RHS's in some condition.

3.36C May.24.2007 GUI
  • Fix a problem 3.36A- ( Can't add file in Project Edit Dialog)
3.36B May.23.2007 Compiler
  • Improvement for detecting invalid concatenation statements

  • Minor improvement for waveform comments
3.36A May.20.2007 GUI
  • Fix memory shortage error.
  • Improvement D&D in text comment on waveformview
  • Add arrow function.
3.35E May.19.2007 GUI
  • Add automatic grouping function for VCD
3.35D May.18.2007 GUI
  • Address to timescale of "100fs" for waveform viewer
  • Fix wrong warning for "different timescale..." for vcd project
3.35C May.16.2007 Compiler
  • Quit wrong warning message.
3.35B May.13.2007 Compiler
  • Change Library Compilation order (First defined library to first)
  • Waveform view text-comment bug fix
  • Fix document view lost problem

3.35A May.9.2006 GUI
  • Support comments on Waveform View
  • Improvement of meta-copy of waveform view
  • Project Name Display on File Dailog
3.34H May.2.2007 GUI
  • Add "move up" button in waveform manager
  • Support return value on exit in command line.(See release_note.txt in "command" folder.)
3.34G May.1.2007 GUI
  • Add Font setting option for compiler status
  • Add up/down menu in waveform manager
  • Address Zorder in waveform views to waveform manager
  • Add "Name Line" in listview's right click menu
  • Add "New group with name " in listview's right click menu.
3.34F Apr.262006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix optimization bug
  • Enabled do file menu

3.34D Apr.19.2007 GUI
  • Change capture object of waveform view ( Top view in Z order) .
3.34C Apr.19.2007 GUI
  • Enabled project with VCD(minor improvement)
3.34B Apr.18.2007 Compiler
  • Fix UDP compilation error in library folder (3.32B-)
  • Enabled project with VCD

3.34A Apr.14.2007 GUI
  • Address to "VCD project"
  • Change cache algorithm of waveformview for very large capacity
  • Fixed bug of VCD view in some case
  • Add "sort by signal name" optioin
  • SlowTransitioSlope->indivisual view
  • Add EMF FILE copy on waveform view
  • Add some options to color setting dialog
3.33A Apr.9.2007 GUI
  • Add an option for "suppress run time warning"
  • Add an option "slow transition slope" for waveform view
  • Add support of meta-copy of waveform view

Simulation Engine
  • Abolish cpu time report
  • Address to "suppress run time warning"
3.32E Apr.7.2007 GUI
  • WaveformView :Bus transition Dipslay change
  • Fixed a problem (can not start up) :3.31A-
3.32D Apr.2.2007 Simulation Engine
  • Library File Case sensitive ->not case sensitive
  • Fix a problem (can not use veripad in some including file)
3.32C Mar.31.2007 Simulation Engine
  • Bug fix for 3.32B (parameter)
3.32B Mar.30.2006 GUI
  • Fixed compilation time display failure

Simulation Engine
  • Change library compilation method
  • Add SDF range [ :] support
  • Bug fixed parameter offset
  • Fix invalid character in $fopen

3.32A Mar.25.2007 GUI
  • Fixed crash on resizing empty waveform view
  • Add shortcut menu for checking all boxes in scope view
  • Enable Xilinx SDF option
  • Change display for compile time/simulation time
Simulation Engine
  • Bug Fix for sscanf/fscanf in string includuing "_"
  • Bug Fix for SDF for minus hold/setup
  • Add support SDF Removal
  • Bug Fix SDF Recovery
  • Add support SDF Recrem

3.31A Mar.20.2007 GUI
  • Full path display for recent used file path
  • Enum in waveform view improvement
  • Bit Edge Detection bug fix
  • Spelling correction
  • Add new option (Select Save)
  • Abolish "use library.txt "
Simulation Engine
  • Address to "Select Save"
  • Change Library Compilation method
  • Speed up Debug Compilation speed
  • Address to very large test vector
  • Improvements of thread memory allocation

3.30A Mar.8.2007 Simulator Engine
  • Bug Fix "%c" in some case
  • Bug Fix for hierarchy parameter in block scope
  • Add support for enum display in block scope
  • Add another option for thread sequence
  • Add project option for thread sequence

3.29D Feb.28.2007 Compiler
  • Enable "Define" settings in Project to library files.
3.29C Feb.27.2007 Compiler
  • Fix crash problem in certain repeat expression(parameter) on concat.
3.29B Feb.23.2006 GUI
  • Add "source protect" option
  • Improvement for stability when existing
  • Fix the problem for waveform manager (does not show up )
Simulation Engine
  • Fix net infinite loop-> issue warning
  • Fix always @* sensing problem for memory bit index
  • Add support inline assignment for generate block

3.28B Feb.5.2007 Simulation Engine
  • Fix crash on constant function in inline parameter
  • Fix crash on save/restore
  • Fix DCM phase shift discrepancy problem

  • Fix Scope Tree View's odd behavior
  • Add export/import function to color settings dialog
  • Improvement of file dialog
  • Improvement of tool-tip
  • NBA option default :"on" Fast mode -> "off"
3.26B Jan.19.2007 Vista Addressed Beta2 Version
Simulation Engine
  • Gate array declaration bug fix (3.26A-)
  • Apply constant folding for if statement

  • New tool bar implementation
3.26A Jan.11.2007 Vista Addressed Beta1 Version
Simulation Engine
  • trireg support
  • `default_nettype trireg support
  • $monitor("%v") support
  • net delay strength propagation support
  • cmos/rcmos support
  • buf/not range declaration support
  • bugfix $display("%v");
  • bugfix tranxx
  • bugfix strength calculation
  • bugfix if(const)
  • XP/2000 Improvement of tooltip
  • Single File Dialog invoke folder improvement

3.25B Jan.1.2007 Vista Addresed Beta Version
3.24F Dec.31.2006 GUI
  • Improvement of tooltip in listview
3.24D Dec.30.2006 VPI
  • Fix bug of folder path(3.24A-)
  • Improvement for folder path in D&Drop.

3.24C Dec.29.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix crash always @*
  • Fix Display problem in $write("%c") ( 3.24A-)
3.24B Dec.17.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Address to Coregen Compile Error (Conflicting Scope)

  • Add tooltip for Scope on left pain in waveform view
3.24A Dec.14.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Change unit of"$fwrtite("%u")  from 8bit to 32bit
  • Add Enable [%u} unit =byte option;
3.23E Dec.5.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Change "generate if" spec. to address to ieee1800-2005
  • Improvement of compiler for invalid scope/net

  • Improvement for assertion error.
3.23D Nov.30.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Improvment of error message for none-existing signal
3.23C Nov.14.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Address to stratixii_atoms.v 6.0
3.23A Oct.30.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Change net delay :inertial delay->transport delay
  • Fix always :@* in memory
  • Fix memory port problem
  • Fix crash save/restore

  • Improvement onthefly view
  • Change Error Message
3.22A Oct.26.2006 Simulation Engine
  • memory port bug fix (in case of large width of port)
  • issue cbEndofSimulation when terminates
  • Add comandline option -d xx.dll -Topmodule module_name
  • Change way of terminating engine thread
  • Add private function

3.21F Oct.21.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Change constant port-always *:@ sequence.
3.21E Oct.20.2006 GUI
  • Improvement of Entire View
3.21D Oct.19.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed force/release bug in concat operation.

  • Change Entire View (Toggle SW Entire View/Last View)
3.21C Oct.18.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed casex bug
3.21B Oct.12.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Support for repeat expression <= repeat (expr) event_control
  • Support for repeat expression = repeat(expr) event control
  • Fix real operator problem(can not compile)  with ternary expression
3.21A Oct.10.2006 GUI
  • Improvement of WaveformViewManager
3.20A Oct.6.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Place cbReadWriteSynch in post-NBA region
  • Fix syntax error for NULL file
  • Change use waveform manager mode (does not lose signal format when waveform is not displayed.)
  • Bug fix for clipboard copy for scoped name on waveformview
  • Add event signal in scope view
3.19A Oct.3.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Bug Fix for parameter assignment(Ver 3.17A-)
  • Improvement for FileDialog
3.18A Oct.1.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Bug Fix for memory leak in Function/Task Call(Ver.3.16-)
  • Bug Fix for crash of module array
  • Enabled command line
  • Change preprocessor IF
  • Implementation of vpiPort
  • Compile by top module
  • Change cbReadWriteSynch
  • Add unique callback of cbReadWriteNBA_veritak
  • Implementation of tf_getnextlongtime
  • Change IF (Address to multiple run)
  • Add clipboard copy for SCOPE name on viewer
  • Recent History@Sort
  • Add top module in Edit of Project
.3.17A Sep.17.2006 GUI
  • Support save/restore
  • Change GUI for waveform manager
  • Change sort method for scope tree view
  • Add support for run-length on normal mode
Simulation Engine
  • Support save/restore
  • Support 3variables delay NET/Gate
  • Fix bug of $unsigned/$singed
  • Fix bug of parameter conflict problem
  • Regist install folder information

3.16B Sep.7.2006 GUI
  • Fixed bug for "can not open include.. " at single file compilation
  • Fixed bug for "not restore size/pos of waveformview"
3.16A Sep.6.2006 GUI
  • Fixed bug for "can not open include.. " at single file compilation
  • Changed Dialog for CPU ID
  • Save TAB character as tab in console save
  • Add Right Click Menu at Console Edit operation
Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug of bit width evaluation for constant net
  • Changed sequence at constant net propagation

3.15C Aug.31.2006 GUI
  • Support for equal width font on console
  • Support saving console window as text
3.15B Aug.31.2006 GUI
  • Close project waveform windows when opening single file to avoid miss-saving.
3.15A Aug.29.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Constant comparison bug fix
3.14C Aug.28.2006 GUI
  • Restore WaveformView size (bug from Version 3.11A)
  • Minor bug fix for project setting cursor mode
3.14B Aug.25.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Comparison between (Constant(Left) and NET(Right) bug ( since version 3.0-) fix
  • Constant or operation bug fix
  • Add support $ferror
  • Add support $test$plusargs in Net
  • Improvement of WaveformViewManager
  • Change thread end-seq.
  • Add file location message with instance name in system task
  • Return 0 if $fopen fails

3.13A Aug.23.2006 GUI
  • Improvement of WaveformViewManager
Simulation Engine
  • Bug fix of real to vector conversion with function call

3.12A Aug.22.2006 GUI
  • Improvement of WaveformViewManager
  • Minor Improvement of GUI

311B Aug.17.2006 GUI
  • Improvement of WaveformViewManager
3.11A Aug.16.2006 GUI
  • Fix bug of single bit value in left pain form 3.09A
  • Improvement on position in Drag and Drop
  • Project Edit "Delete"-> "Cut" (copy to clipboard)
  • Add project option "shade"
  • Add multi-view manager

  • Fix a corner case bug
3.10B Aug.11.2006 GUI
  • Resotre console thread priority as 3.08A.
3.10A Aug.11.2006 GUI
  • Fix bug of Project Edit of 3.09A
3.09A Aug.10.2006 GUI
  • Changed internal design of structure in Waveform View
  • Add "Use Disk" option as 64bit addressed view
  • Add support for CTRL-TAB to move windows
  • Add project option "Inhibit open veripad by $stop/step.
  • Improvement of Enum Function
    • HDL source :Absolute Path ->Relative Path
    • Spelling correction
    • ??? -> HEX display
  • Update Window after $stop
  • Improvement of Project Edit (Include/LIB/Define)
  • Apply Recent Files Display ; .vtakprj and .vcd
3.08A Jul.30.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix bug of self determined bit extension in net multiply operation
3.07A Jul.29.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix constant z/x bug in procedural expression
  • Change Z color in bus

3.06A Jul.27.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix crash at force statement in task/function
  • Fix reference problem to function/task in generated for loop label
  • Fix crash at parse analysis at invalid genvar in generated for loop reference
  • Minor improvement for moving signals in left pain.
  • Minor improvement for views pop up
  • Add key short-cuts insert/"E"->insert Delete/"D" ->delete "C"->copy "V"->paste
3.05A Jul.25.2006 GUI
  • Minor improvement of Color setting dialog
Simulation Engine/vpi.dll

  • Add support of some vpi functions

3.04A Jul.20.2006 Preprocessor
  • Fix a problem of preprocessing
  • Fix a problem regarding read of VCD

3.03C Jul.16.2006 GUI
  • Change Z color for bus signal

Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug net signed operation Verilog 2001
3.03A Jul.14.2006 vpi.dll
  • Fixed bug of $display("%ds"); with explicit field declaration and leading space.
Simulation Engine
  • Correct Warning message for $sscanf..

3.02A Jul.13.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug of part selected parameter with non-explicit range declaration
  • Add support tf_finish,tf_stop
  • Fixed bug of floating operation
  • Fixed bug more than 33bit unary sign extension
  • Changed UDP lexor
  • Spelling correction
3.00A Jun.30.2006 GUI
  • Add Fast Switch
  • Allowable nest level changed 10->100
  • Fixed bug of multi-lined define
  • Fixed bug of `define in case of including ";" character
  • Fixed bug of line display in "throughout define" in case of "include"
Simulation Engine
  • Add Fast mode
  • Fixed bug of self determined sign
  • Fixed bug of SDF (version 2.15-)

2.16A Jun.17.2006 Simulation Engine/vpi.dll
  • Support minimum set of VPI
2.15A Jun.12.2006 Preprocessor
  • Fix bug of `ifdef/`else when including line comment used with `compiler directive
Simulation Engine
  • Change 0'bx operation as not compile error
  • Minor improvement.
2.14B Jun.1.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix bug of net multipiler in 2.14A
2.14A Jun.1.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix $time with some arithmatic operations in monitor/fmonitor operation
  • Support $time in net operations
2.13A May.31.2006 GUI
  • Fix start up problem with command line for VHDL translator
  • Fix start up problem with Drag& Drop
  • Fix onthefly waveform view using Dual or HT CPU
Simulation Engine
  • Make explicit error message for 0'bxx
  • Address to $display("%d",$time),larger 32bit size.
2.12A May.15.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix bug of constant function under Generate
  • Add support of event variable under Generate
  • Add support of force/release under Generate
  • Fix bug force/release under @*
  • Fix start up problem when veritakwin.exe is in the same folder as source file..

  • Change Color if single bit has "X/Z" in vector signals
2.11B May.7.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Improvement of Scope Tree View for module array display
  • Fixed bug of macro for exponential form
  • Fixed memory leak for fork/join
  • Add X color in color setting dialog
  • Address to folder including "space" in d&d operation
  • Improvement of error message for memory allocation error
VHDL translator
  • Minor improvement

2.09A Apr.7.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Bug of SDF (2.05A-)
  • Change method of delay calculation
  • Improvement Run-Length Operation
2.08A Mar.25.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fix 2.07A problem (Runtim Ther-check error)
2.07A Mar.19.2007 GUI
  • Fixed Bug (Crash after invoking VHDL translator at 2.06)
  • Fixed Bug (Drag & Drop VCD crash from 2.0)
  • VCD display improvement
Simulation Engine
  • Fixed EC796 Error ( Error => Warning)

2.06A Mar.8.2006 Installer
  • Register as common item.

  • Improvement stability when CPU load is high.
Simulation Engine
  • Change Power on Seq (Always Comb->propagation->other always->initial)

2.05A Mar.6.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Change Power on Seq ( Always->propagation->initial)
  • Change SDF delay mode (Inertial ->Transport) in IO path
  • Fix bug of Save button
2.04A Mar.2.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Read Constant delay subtraction bug
  • Change inertial delay to transport delay in SDF port Delay

  • Fixed command parameter bug in 2.03(Cause crash)
  • Add EX/IN button in project edit
2.03B Feb.27.2006 GUI
  • Fixed Bug of 2.03A
2.03A Feb.25.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Add save/restore function
  • Address to larger design size (Stack 1MB->100MB)
  • Fix concat 0 length expression
  • Add verilog 2001 implicit net at continuous assign
  • Fix generate bug (parameter override)
  • Fix assign/deassign bug under generate
  • Address to vpi cbStartOfSave/cbStartOfRestart
  • Add save/restore function
  • Address to larger design size (Stack 1MB->100MB)
  • Change shared file structure
  • Add Multiple steps value Dialog
  • Add X dot color
math_vpi=> vpi.dll
2.00A Jan.27.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Add Error display when duplicate scope name is detected.
  • Support input a; real a; in task/function declaration
1.99A Jan.19.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed concat expression bug  when x-constant is included
1.98A Jan.18.2006 Simulation Engine
  • Add Error Display for invalid genvar/constant function
  • Remove unnecessary lint warning for hierarchy name's backward declaration
1.97A Jan.5.2006 GUI
  • Fixed Bug of tool-tip (1.95A-)
Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Bug of module array (1.82A-)

1.96A Dec.23.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Change Error->Warning (#of pins of signal is not matched with #of pins of the gates)
1.95A Dec.22.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Parser supports scalared/vectored
  • Add supports real comparison in parameter
  • Add supports generated index in hierarchy reference
  • Bug Fix of  wrong file reference in trace mode ( Ver 1.7x-)
1.94A Dec.17.2005 GUI - minor improvement of GUI
  • Project Edit improvement in include_dir setting
  • Improvement of "Arrange Waveform Views"
  • Installed Package :Add HCA script coding style
  • First Chinese Version
1.93A Dec.12.2005 GUI
  • Add Host ID Dialog
  • DLL support for VPI
  • Fix check-box bug on Project Setting
Simulation Engine
  • Limited Support of VPI
1.92A Dec.4.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Chinese Implementation(GB2312)
  • Fixed bug of ESCAPE SEQ.
  • $fopen : change file search
  • Fixed bug of strength (-1.89A)
  • address to $sformat %v;
  • Improvement for wildcard search

1.91A Dec.3.2005 Preprocessor
  • Register some implicit macros
  • Add wildcard search in scope tree view's right pain
  • Chinese Implementation(Interim, GB2312)
1.90A Nov.28.2005 Simulation Engine/Preprocessor
  • Support 'resetall
1.89A Nov.23.2005
  • Fixed bug of bit length evaluation in parameter
  • Fixed bug of signed operation in parameter
  • Fixed bug of indexed/partselect in system task/function
  • Fixed bug of signed operation in parameter
  • Fixed bug 1.86A-compiler crash
  • Undefined macro : Warning -> Error
1.88B Nov.19.2005 Simulation Engine
  • 1.88A minor performance improvement
1.88A Nov.18.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fix bug of bit length evaluation in calling expression-Function/Task
1.87A Nov.17.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fix bug of tran
  • Fix bug of net delay
  • EC=2869 Error =>Warning ( Too many include files) 
  • Support Define Replacement in Project File
1.86A Nov.14.2005 vpi.dll
  • Support additional parameter of $fread(mem,fp,start,count);
  • Fix spelling (opend->opened)

Simulation Engine
  • Fix bug of bit length evaluation in calling expression-function
  • Fix bug of signed operation in calling expressions-function
1.85A Nov.13.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug of conversion bit constant to real constant
  • Address to Define Propagation throughout Project
  • Generate "library_files.txt" for faster compilation
  • Fixed bug of \\" in string ( Changed Lexor/Preprocessor)
  • Add $test$plusarg/$value$plusarg
  • Add option "on the fly update"
  • Add option selecting Define Propagation, per file/throughout Project
  • Add option "Use library_files.txt"
  • Add button for $value$plusarg

  • Add $sscanf
  • Fix bug of memory leak on $fread
  • Strengthen error check of $fgets
  • Fix bug on $fscanf in "\n" code.

  • Address to `line
1.83A Nov.5.2005 GUI
  • Page Scroll :: entire length -> scrolling 1/8 length
  • Scope Tree View i/o/io -> blue color when variable is used
Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug of bit length for evaluation in calling of net function
  • Fixed bug of 1.82 waveform view in array
  • Fixed bug of 1.82 net propagation of array for index
  • Fixed bug of $signed (index/partselected array)
  • Improvement of crush of invalid argument of array

1.82A Oct.31.2005 Simulation Engine
 Internal Architecture Changed.
  • Internal Array Structure chaned for faster simulation
  • Long Vector operations improvement for faster simulation
  • Function Inlining when NBA switch is used
  • support for 1234'dx 1234'dz 1234'd? (verilog 2001)
  • Fix EC=3958 Error (long vector NBA with delay statement)
1.79A Oct.12.2005 VPI.DLL
Add system function in Verilog 2001
  • $dist_normal
  • $dist_exponential
  • $dist_poisson
  • $dist_chi_square
  • $dist_t
  • $dist_erlang
  • $normal_vtak( Veritak Unique fuction same sa $dist_normal with real)
Readable maximum size of VCD File ->possibly upto 300MB on 2GB memory.

Simulation Engine
  • Support NamedBegin in VCD
  • Fix parsef crush in invalid index in array
  • A little bit faster access for index of array

1.77A Oct.6.2005 Simulation Engine
  • 1.76A Bug Fix
  • Simulation Speed improvement for Xilinx/Altera
1.76A Oct.4.2005 Simulation Engine
 Internal Architecture Changed.
  • Do implicit $dumpflush by $stop/$flush
  • Allow abbreviated form of port list when same port name is used.
  • Fix Bug of Optimize Level2
  • Net assign implementation is changed for following ModelSim  
  • Support "cpu time report" as an option
  • Add Cpu Timre report option on Project Setting
  • Add "Sort by Scope Name" on listview
  • Use different color when compilation error is detected

1.75A Sep.20.2005 Simulation Engine
  • $random =>return value with signed attribute
  • Fix memory leak bug of $fseek/$fflush/$fscanf/$ftell
1.74A Sep.13.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Add support of $fread,$fflush,$ftell,$fseek,$rewind,$write("%u")
  • Add source_relative path option
  • Add source_relative path option
  • Support "value" at each 1 bit. in ListView

1.73A Sep.9.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug (1.71-  net optimize2)
  • Fixed bug (1.71-  trance mode2 crash)
  • Add NBA option (interim)
  • Add Sort by "IO"/NAME in Scope Listview
  • Enabeld Cursor-Drag 
  • Add NBA option

1.72A Aug.30.2005 Command Version Included in released package

Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug in for-statement (In case of bit-select/part select included in initial/step statements)
1.71A Aug.17.2005 Simulation Engine
Command Version Released
1.71A Aug.7.2005 GUI
  • waveform view internal design changed
  • Add lint option 2
  • Add net optimize 2
  • Save view as bitmap support
  • Listview sort improvement
  • timescale bug of vcd view fixed

Simulation Engine
  • tran/rtran/tranif0/tranif1/rtranif0/rtranif1 support
  • $sreadmemb/$sreadmemh support
  • Add Lint option 2
  • Add Net optimize 2 option
  • strength display support
  • Primitive gate name display bug fix
  • net optimize bug fix
  • Null-port bug fix

1.70A Jul.11.2005 GUI
  • WaveformView->Clipboard Copy/Print support
  • Add some GUI interface
Simulation Engine
  • Verilog-2001 HDL generate statement corner case bug fixed

1.69B Jul.7.2005 GUI
  • Fixed zoom hung-up at tool bar.
1.69A Jul.6.2005 GUI
  • Improvement of GUI
  • *.tf file is available as verilog source in project
Simulation Engine
  • Improvement of SDF parse(Actel SDF temperature)

  • Apply *.tf file as verilog source

1.68A Jul.4.2005 GUI
  • Improvement of GUI
  • SDF Min/Typ/Max Project Selection
Simulation Engine
  • Improvement of SDF parse

  • Fixed Bug of crash
1.64A Jun.17.2005 GUI
  • Improvement of Signal Addition from Scope Tree View to WaveformView
  • New mode for zoom capability on WaveformView
Simulation Engine
  • Add warning of implicit net in Lint Function
  • Add warning of backward reference in Lint Function
  • Improvement of error handling in undeclared net
  • veritak.bat slightly changed.

1.63B Jun.14.2005 GUI
  • Fixed Bug in Scope Display on VCD Viewer
  • "T2 Cursor Disappear" bug is fixed
  • Group Naming Function slightly changed
  • Define Definition is available in Project
  • Drag& Drop Project or Single File makes "Go" immediately
  • Fixed bug of Analog display w/o sign
  • Generate "veritak_command.txt"
Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug in constant expression on Case Statement
  • Fixed bug of compiler crash when reading illegal decimal format
  • "Specify Section " spelling correction
  • Net Unary bug fixed
  • signed/signed compare bug fixed
  • Add "veritak.bat" as an example of batch operation in command switch mode.
  • Altera Gate Simulation addresses to Quartas 5.0

1.61A May.19.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Bug net signed bit extension for constant
  • Fixed Bug generate case default w/o statement caused crash
1.60A May.12.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Bug real operation in $strobe/$monitor
  • Fixed Bug contiguous comma in $display/$monitor  =>Make Space
  • Fixed Bug  %e in $display/$monitor/$fstrobe,,
  • Fixed Bug in no statement in begin-end/fork-join
  • Fixed Bug generate case
1.58A May.8.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug lint :repeat calculation in concat operator
  • Improved ternary nesting
  • Fixed bug ternary ambiguous case and zz
  • Improved $conv_hex2veri

1.57B May.1.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Bug of 1.57A
1.57A May.1.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed Bug EC=3811 Error
  • Changed Evaluation of Zero-Pulse Edge
  • Eliminate unnecessary scratched signals in VCD
  • Fixed Bug $monitor timescale
1.56A Apr.25.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed signed compare bug in procedural statement
  • Fixed udp bug in edge description
  • Fixed bug that tutorial can not be opened.

1.54A Apr.19.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Fixed bug unary in parameter real (cause crash)

  • Change rungekutta interface
  • Fixed bug in linear system simulator concerning numerator coefficient
1.53A Apr.13.2005 Simulation Engine
 6-100times faster Backannotation than previous version's, in Xilinx simprims.
  • Improvement of SDF/Coregen compilation especially in large Xilinx Design
  • Address to Verilog-2001 style parameter [ +:][ -:]
  • Fixed bug in $printtimescale
  • Fixed bug in real value rounding
  • Fixed bug of runtime memory leak in corner case
  • Fixed bug for vcd hierarchy for certain parameter
  • Improvement of garbled characters in File Dialog
1.52D Apr.1.2005 GUI
  • Improvement of Marker Display

1.52A Mar.31.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Real Parameter corner case bug fix
  • Improvement of "do file" operation
  • Add support of "do file " for VCD
  • Add option for translator project
  • Add support of changing cursor time unit
  • Add option for generating file
  • Add keyword for do file

1.51B Mar.22.2005 Simulation Engine
  • Add Warning that Specify Section is not supported.
  • Bug Fix multi-array/time/real/realtime declarations under Verilog-2001generate
  • Improvement in large design for Xilinx SDF
  • Fixed stack over flow error in very large design.
  • Add option to generate $conv...
  • Improvement for RANG/REVERSE_RANGE
  • Bug fix for subtype

1.50 Mar.14.2005 First English Version

Version 3.84F Build Jun.28.2011 Download 21MB

Release Note:

Unicode NotePad++ plugin104 Mar.29.2009 Build Download

Unicode NotePad++ plugin103 Jan.5.2009 Build Download
( Required for notepad++5.1/5.2 versions(Unicode) user.. Delete previous version of DLL if you place new DLL.)

ANSI NotePad++ plugin102Aug.4.2008 Build Download ( Required for ANSI notepad++ user.. Delete previous version of DLL if you place new DLL.)