2.7 Trace Mode2

Basically trace mode2 is the same as trace mode except for generating tag file which describes entire structure of design.
Let's look at the example.
Load Project "node_check_test.vtakprj"
Jump to tag file as below.

Here is tag file.

You can also jump to tag file from List view as well as from WaveformView.

Double-Click "lint_test.sub3.subsub2.areg" at source driver in tag file.

Then , jumped to Editor line 168.

Since tag file has not only file locational information but also Scope information ,unique instance value can be tool-tipped as below,though susubmodule has 6 instanced module. Time 295ns is derived from T1 cursor.

Instanced parameter also can be viewed.

Veripad can jump to tag file.

Meaning of Keywords in tag file

are defined.

KEYWORD Meaning Example
SCOPE  Scope. followed by multiple "SIGNALF".
SIGNAL  Signal. Not supported memory and long vector
PROCEDURAL_LOADS  RHS in procedural statement. initial
b's PROCEDURAL_LOADS are all statements.
PROCEDURAL_DRIVERS  LHS in procedural statement a's PROCEDURAL_DRIVER are all statements except for ** in above.
Aliases  Alias. actually same signal but have different name.  In instanced module,
 sub dut(.clock(CLOCK));
clock and CLOCK is same signal
SourceDriver  Declaration of Driver   reg  a;//here
  wire c;//here
  assign c=a ^ b;
Drivers_FANOUTS  RHS in net Structure  In above signal "a and b",
 assign c=a ^b;
DECLARED  Declaration  In above signal "c"
 wire c;
ASSIGNED  Assigned (Same as DECLARED in variable declaration.)  In above signal "c",
 assign c=a ^b;
ResolverInputs Resolver's inputs