2.4.13 Standalone VCD Viewer

Note:This function is remained for older versions compatibility. Use VCD project for new project.

Let's see a example. Drag & Drop "do_file_test.vcd" to Veritak icon.
Then ,
Utility => Read Do File... =>"do_file_test_vcd.do"

This ".do file" contains the format for WaveformView.

Double Click the line of. .do_file_test_vcd.do(1)::start reading wavefile format.
Since ".do file"is text file, you can edit the format by text editor.


Let's look at the difference between project file and do file.

Load Verilog Project "do_file_test.vtakprj
Project file can contain all the information for waveform view, such as format ,cursor position,color,... and other setting information of compiler.

Utility => Read Do File... =>"do_file_test.do"
In "do file ", It saves only wavefile format.Enum function is not supported.

Using "Do file" multiple waveformviews including vcd format can be viewed.
Utility => Read Do File... =>"do_file_test_vcd.do"