2.5.2 Notepad++

Notepad++ is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement, which supports several programming languages, running under the MS Windows environment. It addresses to many languages, so people who are using it may wish to debug verilog HDL as well. This is achieved by adding plugin (NppVeritakPlugin.dll) to Notepad++ for Veritak.

Following table shows those combinations are confirmed to work.

Notepad++ Veritak NppVeritakPluginxxx.dll
1 5.03 3.49A 102
2 5.1 3.55B 103
3 5.3 3.55B 104 Install Notepad++
Download xxInstalller.exe and install it from here. Install Plugin
Download NppVeritakPluginxxx.dll from download section. (xxx is NppVeritakPlugin's version number)
 Place NppVeritakPluiginxxx.dll under plugins directory on notepad++ installation. (Delete previous version of NppVeritakPlugin.dll ) Set Invoke Path
Veritak Menu-> Editor Setting
Copy & Paste your Notepad++ path from notepad++ shortcut property . Note "" is required.

Check on Enable. (When you want use Veripad ,check Enable off) .

That's all the settings to use Notepad++ as editor. How to Invoke
All is the same as veripad. Try load any project and invoke the editor.
Small dialog should be appeared as follows. ( Example below has different color by some customization made)

If Dialog is not appeared , Try following procedure.
Plugins->Veritak -> Dialog Display

If NppVeritakPlugin.dll is not in plugin directory, Veritak should not be appeared in menu above. Move Dialog
Since the dialog is dock-able, following config may be possible. D& D the portion around the arrow below to move

. Step

Press Step to step. Tool Tip

If mouse stays around variable word more than 1sec, tool tip will be appeared. Breakpoint

If you click margin, book mark should be toggled,which is breakpoint.

Veritak Sim Engine must be alive to set breakpoints.This means they can be set only after successful compilation and before $finish.

Simulation stops at breakpoint after pressing Go button. Add waveform

Select the variable word (stop_state in this example) ,and press Add waveform The operation enables you view signal in waveform viewer. Save& Compile Shortcut

If the button is pressed, all editing source are saved, and issue start-compile to Veritak.


< VC8++ project and source of the DLL is located here.>